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May 20, 2022 C365 CloudCompliance

Create a Golden Thread of Building Safety with C365Cloud

The Building Safety Case was introduced in 2021 and refers to requirements for owners of buildings that are 18 metres tall or are 7 storeys high. The building safety case will have to be submitted to the Building Safety Regulator and will be the responsibility of the Principal Accountable Person. The Principal Accountable Person will then have to ensure that the case is updated when necessary and submitted regularly for review.

The Safety Case provides an overall view that the accountable person has taken to identify and assess building safety risks. It is associated with The Golden Thread of information. The Golden Thread refers to the understanding of the compliance and building safety of a building. The UK government has highly recommended that good quality information across all building safety be made more of a priority. As well as a focus on building safety the Golden Thread also includes an emphasis on fire safety. The Golden Thread refers to measures needed to keep both the building and its inhabitants safe.

At C365Cloud we can help you create a golden thread by creating a clear record of all of a building’s safety information. C365Cloud is a cloud-based management system designed to support organisation’s audit, managing and improve their level of statutory compliance and FM inspections.

Providing a digital platform

The golden thread is required to be on a digital platform rather than locally held documents i.e., spreadsheets and word docs, C365Cloud is a digital platform that can be accessed anywhere at any time providing a clear overview across all compliance areas within large and complex estates.

Historical documentation

C365Cloud can upload and categorise thousands of historic electronic reports. Through the system’s unique PDF extraction technology, C365Cloud can automatically extract actions from survey reports to compile a risk-based action database. This information is held in chronological order against each individual property and compliance area. This can help an organisation see where a building may be failing in a certain compliance area.

Reducing poor data accuracy

C365Cloud can store any number of digital documents in one central location. This can help organisations by reducing the need for paper-based documents. C365Cloud offer a mobile forms service that has built-in skip technology. This skip logic technology guarantees all mandatory data is collected and reduces the possibility of human error when inputting data.

One Central Location

C365Cloud can provide one central digital location to manage numerous compliance areas for a property’s portfolio Through C365Cloud documents can be stored, managed, maintained, accessed, and retained anywhere at any time.

All documents can be quickly uploaded and categorised. The system automatically builds action and risk databases from uploaded documentation and displays this data via bespoke and live dashboards. Executive dashboards can be sent to a board of directors or suitable personnel, the dashboards can provide an overall view of compliance.

How Can We Help?

Our systems evidence-based reporting and mobile working has proven to improve visibility and ensure organisations can focus resources effectively. We can provide you with a demo of C365Cloud and how you can manage the building safety case creating a Golden Thread of compliance.

Get in touch with our friendly team today on 01924 669940 to find out more about how we can help you. You can also send us an email at

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