Enterprise Mobile

Our C365 Onsite compliance management software enables field-based workers in any industry to collect data digitally on a mobile or tablet device.

Onsite mobile app

C365 Onsite enables field-based works in any industry to collect data digitally on a mobile or tablet device. Functioning on iOS or Android devices, C365 Onsite improves data transfer between your field and back-office operations by replacing paper-driven processes with Electronic Data Capture for large mobile workforces. C365 Onsite will help you to create digital forms to improve the quality of data collection and management throughout your organisation.

Bespoke mobile forms

The low code mobile forms creation tool within C365 offers clear benefits to business sectors with a reliance on mobile and field-based staff. C365 allows users to build a suite of personalised forms, collate mobile data, manage responses and information, and automate work-flow streams without interfering with existing IT systems.

Many organisations still follow business processes which involve data collection with a pen and paper. Paperwork is expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient – not to mention the obvious environmental impact. By creating a form in C365 and providing that digital form for completion on a mobile you can replicate and improve on your data collection processes.

Digital data collection improves the accuracy of data capture in the field. All your business data is safely stored on a mobile device before being transferred securely to your back-office systems for storage and analysis.

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Off the Shelf Forms

Forms are configurable for any survey type, data capture or questionnaire. There are a number of features designed to make forms easy to complete, such as skip logic and pre-populated drop-down menu. Barcode or QR code scanning can be enabled to link forms to properties or assets and photos can be attached for clarification.

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C365 Onsite Mobile is available on both Apple and Android devices giving complete flexibility to field based staff in the secure, efficient collection of mobile data:

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  • Data entry: Free text, currency, calculations, drawing tool
  • Barcode scanner: Scan barcodes and QR codes
  • Form status: User dashboard shows and overview of forms
  • Devices: Available on iOS and Android
  • Image editor: Annotate and edit photos
  • E-signature: Collect consent on device
  • Multi-lingual: Convert forms into other European alphabets
  • Branding: Customise forms with your company colours and logo

Our mobile solution can help your organisation with

Automatic Job Dispatch

The system automatically dispatch’s jobs to the relevant person, ahead of expiry to ensure no task or due date goes unmissed. Jobs can be dispatched via email, at an agreed frequency, with reminders being issued closer to the due date.

Time Sheet and Lone Working

Manage and monitor the safety of your workforce with simple and easy to use forms which enable employees to record the date and time they arrive on site to conduct a survey, and if they are working alone.

Driver Safety Checks

Manage the safety of your field-based workforce with our driver safety check forms, allowing organisations to keep on top of all maintenance requirements.

Mobile Working

The C365Cloud mobile solution offers across-platform support for iOS, Android and Windows with advanced functionality for including helping organisations to optimise performance and manage compliance effectively.

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C365Cloud offer numerous assets tagging solutions including barcodes, QR codes and RFID tags. Users can scan a tagged asset to view all its compliance history within the system.

C365Cloud can help organisations with mobile device management, empowering IT teams to securely monitor and manage mobile devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

C365Cloud offer mobile e-sims along side our mobile working offering

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