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Digitally capturing new smoke and CO regulations.

With recent changes to the smoke and CO regulations, our system can assist with multiple aspects of compliance to help landlords ensure they are acquiescent with the new requirements.

New smoke and CO regulations came into force October this year and at C365cloud we know that managing your compliance to ensure the safety in line with legislations is imperative.

The changes in legislation stipulate new requirements specifying:

• The placement of your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms within each storey or room of your property.

• The need for repair and replacement after the recommended life span or if a fault has been recorded at the regular check.

• Needing the location information of all the alarms within your building will need to be up to date and relevant landlords will need to be conversant with this.

Previously, organisations did not necessitate for the regular location of their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and did not capture the information that goes with each alarm. With C365Cloud our solution provides for full audit and data capture to obtain the relevant information for your organisation and/or property to act in accordance with these new regulations.

Build Asset Lists

Our system allows for companies and customers to assemble an asset list that can be utilised with asset tags assigned to each individual carbon monoxide and smoke alarm within their building. Creating your properties personal asset register with your chosen tag will grant the designated people to rapidly access all of the relevant information assigned to that alarm. This feature would reduce the time spent on compliance management and removes the burden of searching for paper-based administration. Asset lists for your organisation can also be compiled in our system from the certificates uploaded, for example, LGSR’s. C365Cloud applies the extraction of information from the PDF certificates and utilises this to collate the asset register.

Highlight within Interactive Floor Plan

C365Clouds bespoke system can also support the location of your alarms within a building or residence by spotlighting each alarm through our interactive floor plan module. Mapping your building and allowing to visually capture all the relevant information in line with safety procedures, in particular the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, permits the data capture to continue to be accurate and reduces problems that come along with administration. A visual aid would also allow the control over your smoke and carbon monoxide data to be structured and efficient by highlighting your detectors.

Capture Life Span Information

With one of the new rules within the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations 2022, is to ensure that your detectors must be exchanged or repaired when it has been established that there is a fault. Using our solution, C365Cloud can capture the life span information with each alarm and allow as an action for when it would need to be replaced within the asset tag and within the system. The asset database solutions can be used when alarms are first installed or to track your current detectors. Using C365Cloud would boost the efficiency of control over the information of your alarms, supporting you to abide by the latest legislations.

Want to find out more?

C365Cloud can assist your organisation to track and manage all of your smoke and CO alarms and schedule action alerts for the relevant alarms that would need replacing. All whilst storing the information you provide for each alarm in a structured and reliable way. To request a demo with our team, click here.

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