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One solution the Housing Sector wish they knew

Banishing the reactive approach to your damp and mould compliance with our cloud hosted compliance management solution.

It is of no surprise that the topic of damp and mould is becoming increasingly apparent, after recent incidents that took place of November of last year and the global inflation surge, it’s another conversation worth talking about.

With the broad range of severity of hazard with damp and mould, it seems to be put at the bottom of every landlords to-do list to tackle moisture based issues.

Although figures of homes with damp problems, published by Statista Research Department, saw a steady decline from 2000 to 2018, its apparent that homes affected by this within the UK are still evident and rising as of 2023, with 1 in 5 renters being affected. It’s a re-occurring problem that damp and mould is seen as tenant accountability as this approach is almost never sufficient.

With C365Cloud – the cloud hosted compliance management system, it will help you track your damp and mould compliance checks and improve your organisations statutory compliance.

Although our solution offers over 250 compliance modules, if your organisation already has other compliance areas covered, our system can integrate with your existing systems in place. For example; if your estate is currently having EICR or LGSR visits, the system can implement for functional checks on ventilation to take place during these visits, as its imperative against damp and mould that properties are adequately ventilated. It can be configured to extract data from other compliance certificates such as the LGSR and EICR on your existing ventilation checks and the systems automated job dispatch will alert relevant personnel if any areas are deemed non-compliant. This allows you to ensure checks are in place and are pre-planned to assess damp and mould within properties regularly.

Recording this type of data proves easy within the system and C365Cloud also possesses a mobile application to do so – Onsite Enterprise Mobile Solutions. C365Cloud holds automatically refreshed data so monitoring your damp and mould compliance will be accurate and easier to assess moving forward before your next inspection dates.

With no legal requirements currently in place, we all are aware that the Regulator of Social Housing had written to highlight that it is a landlords responsibility to take action on the damp and mould within housing associations – with the need to submit evidence. Whether you are a lone landlord or local authority landlord, get ahead of your damp and mould compliance. Whichever way you choose to tackle the problem and monitor hygrothermal conditions, use our system to proactively submit regular data, including photographs and surveys to ensure your evidence is sufficient.

Want to find out more?

C365Cloud can help you proactively prioritise the safety of your property by providing the tools to help manage compliance, equipped to your personal policies and procedures.

Click here to see our risk assurance compliance modules to keep on top of your planned maintenance checks.

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