CAFM Help Desk

CAFM Help Desk

C365Cloud’s CAFM Help Desk acts as your automated procurement assistant. This module provides a consistent method for recording and managing faults, prioritising reactive maintenance accordingly and proactively scheduling planned preventative maintenance and compliance checks.

Our CAFM Help Desk allows organisations to capture data in relation to all works undertaken, with the ability to extract actions with minimum manual intervention.
Receive both fixed price and estimated quotes, with the ability to track how long quotes have been in each status, flagging them to key personnel where time frames exceed policies and procedures.

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Automatically chases unresponsive suppliers

When a quote is requested from a supplier but they are taking an excessive amount of time to respond, the system will automatically case them for a response.

Rapidly get quotes for multiple suppliers

Fill out the details once for a quote, select your suppliers and your quote will be sent to all of them - diagrams/drawings, attachments and all.

Quotes in multiple currencies

If you utilise international suppliers, the system allows for multiple currencies when quoting.

Track progress of tasks

C365Cloud automatically notifies the relevant personnel throughout the process of a task. Receive alerts when jobs have been raised, when they are in progress and when they have been completed - allowing organisations to monitor SLAs.

Manage approvals

Our CAFM Help Desk module allows for a range of approval limits on quotations and invoice sign off, ensuring no quotes or invoices are approved without consent.

Store schedules of rates

If you have agreements with certain contractors, our CAFM Help Desk module can store schedule of rate agreements to allow for standard materials to be stored by selected contractors.

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