Risk Assurance & Compliance

C365Cloud provides a single solution for compliance management with over 100 modules to choose from

Compliance Areas

C365Cloud can help your organisation to keep on top of all compliance areas and planned maintenance checks, mitigating the administrative burden.

Fire Safety

C365Cloud covers over 20 areas of fire safety with bespoke mobile forms tailored to match your organisations current supply chain. All fire risk assessments conducted are uploaded to the System directly by our customers supplier. Compliance is updated to ensure the next risk assessment is scheduled based on the reported risk level and in accordance with our customers policy. In addition, at the point of upload the Solution extracts all recommendations, categorising them by type and assigning them automatically to those responsible for action. C365Cloud fire safety solution boasts numerous admirable features including:

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Pinpoint exactly where each fire door is located

Auto-populating information in the report based on previous information recorded to ensure absolute accuracy

With auto-populated questions based on data from the initial inspection

Our solution will automatically extract the actions from the information recorded within the form

Enable your contractors to view and manage their respective tasks

Manage fire safety through ‘Green, Amber, Red’ actions

Gas Safety

C365Cloud can help you track your LGSR and fuel checks. Our automated notifications can be sent to you and your supplier reducing the risk of missing an inspection date whilst our dashboards can be configured to provide up to date schedule, detailing when every certificate expires. All key resulting actions and recommendations will be identified and highlighted based on risk.

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Electrical Safety

With bespoke mobile forms and automatic action extraction, C365Cloud can streamline your reporting process relating to all your electrical certificates. C365Cloud have a catalogue of mobile forms including EICR’s with the process having full skip logic and conditional formatting to streamline processes and ensure efficiencies.

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Asbestos Safety

C365Cloud can help organisations to complete asbestos surveys and reviews, through bespoke mobile forms, and automated data extraction from supplier PDF certificates, ensuring one central point of control for your asbestos compliance. The solution also supports interactive floor plans highlighting exactly where asbestos is within a property.

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C365Cloud can help organisations to manage their legionella risk assessments and water logbooks. The system covers a vast array of daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly checks, which can be completed either through an interactive mobile app or directly into the browser

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When a legionella risk assessment is recorded, the system automatically extracts the actions and assigns them to the relevant user.

As part of the system, water logbooks can be updated, which provides legally defensible evidence and a full audit trail.

Automatically identify whether temperatures fall below or raise above recommended temperature thresholds. If the temperature of the water check at one of your assets is above or below specific thresholds, actions and notifications can be automatically raised, to ensure complete compliance for your properties.


C365Cloud can provide a full operational overview of all LOLER assets, ensuring that lifts have up to date inspections and insurance certificates – providing you with a full visibility of remedial actions and recommendations ranked by risk.

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  • Integrate directly with your approved supplier of lift maintenance inspections
  • Store examination reports at an asset level
  • All documentation is archived in historical order

Asset Management

C365Cloud offers a bespoke asset management database solution. The system is designed to enable organisations to effectively manage, audit and control assets at an estate level with minimal administration, providing organisations with a robust dynamic record of key asset types across their estate.

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  • Tag your assets with barcodes and qr codes
  • Highlight exactly where each asset is located on an interactive floor plan
  • Compile a full inventory of assets

Interactive CAD Plan Module

Our interactive floor plan module allows users to interact with their buildings, identifying risks, assets, and equipment. The module is a market leading AutoCAD interface enabling users to interact with their buildings quickly locating risks, assets, and equipment. Deployable at a site, building or sub building level, this module can be accessed without the need for AutoCAD licenses required for an unlimited number of users.

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  • Highlight the exact location of each asset
  • View reports associated with each asset
  • Deployed at site, building or sub-building level


C365Cloud can help organisations to comply with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. Detect any faults on machinery and assign actions to individuals to ensure work equipment is safe to use.

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Developed in partnership with an NHS Trust specialising in mental health, C365Cloud has produced a Ligature Assessment module. The module can be completed on a mobile device, where historic information can be viewed. Ligature checks can be set to any frequency such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

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Care Home CQC

With our system, areas of compliance can be easily tracked to ensure when an update is needed or a property has a new CQC inspection, key users are alerted. Our system allows teams to prioritise their workload in accordance with risk and manage compliance by exception.

Through integration with the CQC website, C365Cloud can display the latest CQC results of all care homes and also allow inspections to be loaded onto the software so that the results may be tracked, managed, and monitored.

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Health Physics

C365Cloud Health Physics software allows users to conduct numerous survey reports including those under the RPGN. Our system can help make compliance with regulations more efficient with improved auditability. Instantly identify outcomes from survey reports, which can be highlighted on an interactive floor plan.

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Chemical Inventory

C365Cloud helps organisations to effectively keep accurate and up to date records of chemicals as per the chemical storage regulations. An efficient inventory of chemicals, highlighting volume, owner, GHS code, expiration dates and disposal routes can be stored within the system.

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