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Transform Your PPM Processes

Many organisations still have inefficient practices when it comes compliance management, leaving them with potential risks which could lead to serious consequences for the organisation. Learn how transforming into the digital age can have significant benefits for your organisation.

Whether completed by FM contractors or an in-house maintenance team, compliance management and maintenance can be a challenge to manage, especially across large complex property estates with lots of assets. With numerous frequent scheduled inspections and servicing requirements to maintain compliance and assure the safety of equipment within properties, an efficient Planned and Preventative Maintenance (PPM) process is essential.
Still a common practice across many sectors, field workers complete inspections using paper-based forms. This results in significant costs and potential risks such as paperwork going missing or getting damaged or significant delays in identifying risks.
Equipping field workers with handheld devices and transforming paper-heavy processes with C365Cloud’s mobile working solution offers a range of benefits.
Cut the Cost of Paper
Inspections can be carried out using bespoke mobile forms and submitted on-site, eliminating the need for any paperwork, and ensuring a full audit trail of evidence. Save the cost of printing and the risk of documents going missing or getting damaged.
Increased Field Worker Productivity
Automated job allocation and dispatch allows jobs to be sent directly to field workers for completion. The mobile forms are designed to be quick and easy to complete, meaning field workers can process more tasks per day. Mobile working also enables better communication with the office, including the uploading of live data from site.
Improved Quality of Service
Bespoke mobile forms can be configured with mandatory fields to ensure all required fields are answered, while pre-populated selections such as property address reduces the risk of human error. This reduces the risk of having to repeat a property inspection.
Live Management Alerts and Dashboards
Field workers submit their completed tasks from mobile devices, allowing for greater visibility of their performance and tracking of SLA performance and regulatory compliance. Further analysis of field data such as trend analysis are possible.
Bespoke Mobile Forms
Forms are configurable for any survey type, data capture or questionnaire. There are a number of features designed to make forms easy to complete, such as skip logic and pre-populated drop-down menu. Barcode or QR code scanning can be enabled to link forms to properties or assets and photos can be attached for clarification.
Ensure No Actions are Missed
Where remedial actions may be required, action frequencies can be set in forms, and the user can enter the details, select the appropriate risk level and assign the relevant department. Once uploaded to C365Cloud’s compliance management system, the actions are automatically extracted and are categorised by risk. With visibility of all actions on C365Cloud, users can prioritise high risk actions to allocate the appropriate resources.
Transform into the digital age and use C365Cloud to manage your paper-based PPM tasks, through our mobile working solution. Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more about how our system can help you. Call us on 01924 669940 or send us an email to


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