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How Mobile Working Can Transform Compliance Processes

Whether completed in-house or by a third-party
organisation, compliance processes can be a challenge to manage, especially
across large property estates.

In this digital age, organisations are looking for solutions
to transform their processes and improve the way they operate. It is astounding
how many businesses are still using a pen and paper to record their property’s
compliance, leaving plenty of room for human error.

C365Cloud provides an accessible cloud-hosted alternative
through either your web browser or mobile forms app. It is focused on
streamlining and simplifying processes, providing one system for all compliance
areas, mitigating administrative burden for organisations, many of which still
manage their compliance through spreadsheets.

Our mobile working solution allows organisations to equip
their field workers with handheld devices, transforming paper-heavy processes.
C365’s mobile solution boasts many benefits for organisations such as:

  •        Improved data accuracy
  •        Automatic action extraction
  •        Effective use of time
  •        Increased field worker productivity
  •        Improved quality of service
  •        Live management alerts

C365Cloud allows users to manage their compliance by
exception ensuring actions can be tracked to conclusion through easy to access
dashboards and unlimited reports, providing a full audit trail and legally
defensible position.

In summary, going paperless and transforming into the
digital age by using mobile forms, can not only help organisations to become
more efficient and organised but can also help organisations have a clearer
visibility of the compliance status across their full estate.

Transform into the digital age and use C365Cloud to manage
your paper-based PPM tasks, through our mobile working solution. Get in touch
with our friendly team to learn more about how our system can help you. Call us
on 01924 669940 or send us an email to

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