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How Can C365Cloud’s Interactive Module Assist Your Organisation?

As a property owner, C365Cloud can help you manage your assets in a property and their compliance, by using interactive floor plans.

Our interactive floor plan module allows users to interact with their buildings, identify risks, assets and equipment. The module is a market leading AutoCAD interface enabling users to interact with their buildings quickly locating risks, assets and equipment. Deployable at a site, building or sub building level, this module can be accessed without the need for AutoCAD licenses required for an unlimited number of users.


This module allows customers to highlight exactly where each asset is located and view any reports associated with that particular asset, allowing you to manage its compliance and helping to improve the efficiency and accuracy of re-inspections.


It can be deployed at site, building or sub building level, with photographs and reports being easily linked to provide evidence against an asset.


Our systems evidence-based reporting and mobile working has proven to improve visibility and ensure organisations can focus resources effectively. We can ensure:


  •       One Version of the Truth
  •       Legally Defensible Position
  •       Manage by Exception


There are over 100 modules currently live covering various compliance and risk assurance for areas including fire risk, gas, asbestos, electric, legionella, LOLER, Accident and Incident Reporting, CQC Assurance, E-Log books and health, safety and wellbeing management. 


All of these can be accessed and managed using the C365 BIM tool ensuring data is both accurate and readily available.


If you wish to request a demonstration of the C365Cloud system to help you manage your buildings’ compliance, contact our friendly team today on 01924 669940 or send us an email to





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