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December 15, 2022 Fire Safety

Complying with the new Fire Safety Regulations

Allow for your data capture and compliance management to be more efficient with our solution in time for the new Fire Safety Regulations.

The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 will undergo changes to the legal requirement from the 23rd January 2023. At C365Cloud, we know the importance of collecting the necessary information mandatory to verify the safety of your buildings against fire risks. C365 has a wide span of fire safety compliance modules with over 25 modules to choose from, showing a holistic view of compliance. Benefit from live dashboards displaying your fire safety compliance to allow straightforward management.

The new legislations will be mostly aimed at residential buildings over 11 metres in height, and will require organisations to undertake new and more frequent checks of their fire doors, which will include entrance doors and implementing more thorough fire safety practices. Multi-occupied or high-rise residential buildings will need to review the following areas:

  • Fire Safety Instructions
  • Fire Doors and Fire Door Information
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Building Plans
  • External Wall Systems Lifts and other Key Fire-Fighting Equipment
  • Information Boxes

C365Cloud can assist organisations with complying with the changes in regulations through our software which provides:

Onsite Mobile App

With the new rules broadly covering residential buildings, the management of your data must be organised for it to be effective. Using C365s Onsite Mobile App grants any industry to collect data digitally improving the quality and reducing mistakes which would be critical when it comes to Fire Safety. With its advanced functionality, Onsite permits the creation of a suite of personalised forms and automated workflow streams on mobile and tablet devices. This allows for building managers and owners to construct these individualised mobile forms suitable to carry out your fire safety checks in line with new legislations. By using mobile IT solutions, it takes an ecological approach removing the environmental burden of paper-driven processes and provides one central location for all of your administration.

Automated PDF Extraction

C365Cloud can automatically extract actions from survey reports allowing for quick upload and the categorisation of large quantities of electronic reports. Our solution can provide a risk-based action database and validates current compliance levels, all which would support your regulation of fire safety within your building.


Our system sanctions scheduling which will notify the relevant personnel ahead of the previous inspection date. With Fire Safety compliances, our solution can automatically notify relevant personnel when next inspections are due or schedule a survey to be completed. Automatic notifications will help to ensure that the appropriate compliance survey is completed prior to the previous certificate expiring.

With your residential building and/or property required to comply with the new and existing fire safety regulations our system can help you adapt smartly. If you wish to have more information on how we can help with fire door safety, check out our previous fire safety blog here.

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