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Sector: NHS

East Cheshire NHS Trust

C365Cloud shows a trilogy between technology, people, and processes, winning the hearts and minds of small intricate estates teams and allowing these people to lead an ongoing and sustainable change in culture across the trust.

With the ever-growing CQC focus on legal compliance we recognised our estates team needed a system to support us. A􀅌er reviewing the market we selected C365 as a platform to manage our key compliance areas across the hospital estate. C365Cloud now manages reactive and PPM compliance with work carried out on mobile iPad’s using our best practise forms, converted by C365. Unlike other systems we reviewed, it is very simple for my team to use and has been configured in-line with our existing policies and procedures. We would recommend working in partnership with C365Cloud to any NHS Trust.

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- Head of Estates Operations, East Cheshire NHS Trust

The Challenges

The Estates team at East Cheshire NHS Trust have the challenge of managing over 60 areas of Health & Safety and statutory compliance to the rigorous requirements of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and associated Premises Assurance Model (PAM). They recognised that to achieve this  efficiently whilst driving best practise excellence, their numerous disparate systems would need to be replaced with one, overarching compliance management system. Such a system would need to integrate with their existing Help Desk, support their internal estates team and performance manage numerous third-party suppliers.

The Solution

East Cheshire NHS Trust selected to partner with C365 Cloud. Its modular design ensured the system was configured to the exacting requirements of the estates team. It was configured by compliance type, building, assets, and staff requirement offering;

  • Live and dynamic dashboards showing aggregated and individual compliance levels against all statutory inspections and PPM schedules. Actions categorised by type, risk assigned and by user.
  • Integration with the legacy Trust Helpdesk, providing an automated process to raise remedial tasks to the appropriate engineer, operative or third-party supplier.
  • Centralised repository for all historic compliance information, reports, HTMs, HBNs, policy and procedure documents, management reports, site plans (PDF, DXF), training records and equipment calibration certifi
  • Alerts to competent responsible person as assigned, with notification of active actions by compliance area, by risk with additional escalation notification over time.
  • Executive report related to CQC outcomes; scheduled and delivered monthly to inform the board report.
  • Generation of asset register with barcode identification.
  • Mobile Forms developed and deployed for completion of all in-house PPM inspections on tablet, data synchronised directly with C365Cloud dynamically populating compliance dashboards.
  • Engagement with suppliers to digitise service records allowing live upload and action visibility.

C365Cloud provides East Cheshire NHS Trust with visibility and reassurance in their position with regards to compliance with the requirements of CQC.

The Benefits

C365Cloud allows the ECNHS Estates Team to prioritise their workload in accordance with risk and manage compliance by exception. It streamlined the process for completion of PPM, capturing critical information and giving visibility to all interested parties. The Estates Team are able to report accurately and make informed decisions around procurement offering financial benefit to the Trust.

C365Cloud are the winners of the Building Better Healthcare Awards 2014 award for Best Evidence-Based Compliance with Estates and Facilities-Related CQC Standards in Partnership with East Cheshire. This award recognises estates and facilities management services that can evidence awareness of, and compliance with, CQC standards.

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